The City invites you to express your ideas to help create the Berryessa BART Urban Village Plan

You can use this online platform to share your thoughts about what the City should consider when planning the Berryessa BART Urban Village. Our first survey gathered public input on the Values that developed the Vision of the plan. On this second survey, we seek your input on the Concept Plans that will refine the features of the Urban Village. There is room for you to also express other comments.

Your feedback will be most helpful if you:

  1. Read the background section FIRST; then
  2. Respond to the survey questions.

This platform will collect public input for Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 of the planning process only. Opportunities to provide input for Workshop 1 closed last Fall 2018. For Workshop 2, the platform will open by the end of April 2019 and close in May 2019.

All comments will be processed, and will remain anonymous.