What are urban villages?

An urban village encourages locating new housing and work opportunities close to each other, fostering more vibrant communities in San José. Find more information about urban villages in the Envision San José 2040 General Plan.

What are the benefits of urban villages?

Urban villages provide an alternative to traditional development patterns by concentrating the areas where people live, work, and play. This concentrated approach reduces driving and greenhouse gas emissions; supports walking, bicycling, and healthy living; and makes our City better by promoting economic development while also reducing pressure to develop environmentally sensitive areas.

Who came up with the urban village concept in San José?

The urban village model is embodied in the Envision San José 2040 General Plan that was approved in 2011 after input from thousands of residents. The General Plan is the City’s blueprint for the future growth of San José.

How do urban villages improve traffic conditions?

An urban village brings jobs and housing together so that people can spend less time commuting and can get to shops, restaurants and amenities without a car.

What kind of growth will be in the Berryessa BART Urban Village?

With the Berryessa/North San José BART station at its center, this new urban village has regional significance and is planned to accommodate up to 22,100 jobs, 6.7 million square feet of commercial space, and 4,814 dwelling units. The plan will identify how this growth can be best accommodated through high-density, mixed-use development and pedestrian/bike/transit-friendly infrastructure.

How big is the Berryessa BART Urban Village area?

The current area is roughly 270 acres. It consists of single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, small retail plazas, industrial uses, the Berryessa/North San José BART station, and the San José Flea Market.

What is happening on the Flea Market site?

The Flea Market property owners have submitted a rezoning proposal to develop the south portion of site, which is a key opportunity to realize the vision of the Berryessa BART Urban Village. Learn more about the proposed rezoning.